10 Tips for Reducing Stress and Staying Organized During the Holidays

Posted on 11/16/2012

  1. Make delegating easy. Before people come over for Thanksgiving dinner, write down a list of tasks that people can do. That way, when they ask what they can help with, you can just refer them to the list.
  2. Stock up on wine and liquor well in advance, as to avoid long holiday lines and irregular holiday hours at the liquor store.
  3. Stock up on baking/cooking essentials (butter, sugar, baking soda, flour, salt, vegetable stock) to cut down on last-minute trips to the grocery store.
  4. Share cooking duties by encouraging a potluck style Thanksgiving dinner.
  5. Make room for new gifts and purchases in advance, whether that means purging closets or reorganizing drawers.
  6. Schedule a cleaning service to help with post-party messes (or to get your house sparkling before out of town guests arrive).
  7. Stock up on easy appetizers – crackers, cheese, dips – to alleviate stress during gatherings and to accommodate last-minute gatherings.
  8. Make a list of people who you plan to buy presents for, and set a budget for each person.
  9. Shop online. Not only can you avoid long lines (and traffic and parking), but you also can have gifts wrapped and sent directly to the recipient.
  10. Set a deadline to have all of your holiday gifts purchased, wrapped and sent.