Yoga Poses to Prep for Your Surfing Vacation

5 Yoga Poses to Prep for Your Surfing Vacation

Posted on 12/03/2013

Work these yoga poses into your daily workout routine to build strength, endurance and flexibility:

Plank:  Increase muscular strength and endurance for arms, wrists, spine, quads and abdominals.

Warrior II:  Improves balance and stability as well as increasing muscular strength and endurance in the lower body.  Stretches hips, groin and shoulders.  Opens chest and lungs.  Builds stamina and concentration and energizes tired limbs.

Child’s pose:  Stretch for lower back and hips.  Release tension in the back, shoulders and chest.  Calms the mind and body, encourages strong, steady breathing.

Bow:  Heat and strengthen the entire body, mostly legs, back and buttocks.

Tree pose:  Strengthens the ligaments and tendon of the feet.  Assists the body in establishing pelvic stability.  Builds self-confidence and esteem!