DIY Gifts for the Holidays

Posted on 12/04/2012

With Pinterest, searching for DIY gift ideas has never been easier.

But especially with the holidays right around the corner, we know you don’t have time to spend hours searching for the perfect gift to make for your mom/sister/best friend/cousin/next-door neighbor.

So, we complied a list of our favorite DIY gifts for the holidays as a solution to your #HolidayProblems.

Lavender sachet
Use dried lavender and a small muslin bag to form a sachet.

Scented Body Scrubs
Create a scrub from 1/2 cup each Epsom salts and sugar, plus 1/4 cup sunflower oil, and place inside a pretty glass mason jar

Travel candle
Repurpose candy or mint tins as candles: Simply melt wax and add a wick (available at craft stores).