Holiday Gift Guide Host or Hostess

Holiday Gift Guide: The Host and/or Hostess

Posted on 11/29/2012

This holiday season delight your party or dinner hostess with a thoughtful gift. Hostess gifts can be extravagant if you wish, but simple gifts are equally appreciated.When searching for the perfect hostess gift, think outside the box. For both traditional and unique Holiday hostess gift ideas, we have rounded up some of our favorites.

1. Fine chocolate.  Visit any specialty candy store to choose a set of four delectable truffles. Consider specialty items like gourmet topped chocolate covered pretzels or pistachio marzipan dark-chocolate bonbons.

2. Gourmet olives. Many regular grocery stores now carry a selection of gourmet food items including local and imported olives. Consider a jar of almond stuffed olives and package in a simple gift bag. If you know your hostess enjoys stronger tastes, you can find olives stuffed with blue cheese, garlic, or chipotles.

3. Flavored vinegars or oils. There are many gourmet vinegars and oils to choose from. Some flavored oil ideas include sun-dried tomato infused with Greek oregano, peppercorn, and garlic, or porcini & shiitake mushrooms combined with jalapenos, sage, bay leaves, and red peppers. Vinegars come infused with a variety of herbs and spices such as garlic, pepper, lemon thyme, baby dill, tarragon, cilantro, and mustard seed.

4. Wine. Wine is the traditional hostess gift, but always appreciated. Consider what you know about your hostess before purchasing wine. Are they a gourmet cook or do they prefer simple meals? If you are already a wine connoisseur, you will be able to choose an appropriate bottle. For those less educated about wine, a fine winery will assist you with appropriate choices in a range of prices.

5. Tea or coffee gift basket. Always appreciated, you can’t go wrong with a lovely tea or coffee gift basket. It’s also easy to make a gift basket by purchasing your own products, arranging in a basket purchased from a discount or craft store, and wrapping in cellophane or tissue paper.

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