Holiday Gift Guide: The In-Laws

Posted on 11/29/2012

It’s that time of year again—holiday shopping for the in-laws. It seems they’re the hardest members of the family to shop for but your #HolidayProblems have been solved with the help of the experts at Travaasa.  Here’s our list of great holiday gift ideas for in-laws.

  1. Photo Albums or Picture Frames—Collect pictures of your in-laws or family members. Put together a collage of the kids or dig through old pictures from when they were younger and blow one up to frame. Digital picture frames are also available and can hold many pictures at once. Either way, this is a gift they’ll be sure to love.
  2. Dinner Invitation—Invite them out to dinner with a homemade coupon for their favorite restaurant. If you’d rather cook, make the coupon redeemable for one dinner of their choice at your house.
  3. A Holiday-themed Gift—For those who celebrate Christmas, what about an ornament to hang on the tree? Kosher gift baskets are easy to find online, and what better to receive for Kwanzaa than a traditional African cookbook?
  4. Movie Basket—Create your own gift basket with popcorn, gift cards to the movies, candy and drinks. Or if you’d like, buy a DVD or two to add.
  5.  “Hobby Gifts”—Do you in-laws have a hobby they enjoy? Monogrammed golf balls and tees are great for the golfer. New knitting needles and different colored yarn is perfect for those who love to knit. Play off their hobbies, and they’ll be sure to appreciate whatever you choose for them.