How to Be Better About Correspondence

Posted on 11/29/2012

  1. Create a monthly list of birthdays. Keep an ongoing list of people’s birthdays or anniversaries, sorted by month. At the beginning of each month, use the list to send everyone a card, even if some people will receive their birthday card a bit early.
  2. Take our Journaling class. If you’ve lost touch with the art of writing, our Journaling class at Travaasa can help you reconnect with this easy, pleasurable pastime. In this class, you’ll have plenty of time to self-reflect and communicate through the written word, making correspondence feel like second nature.
  3. Set a date to send holiday cards. The holidays come faster than you might realize, so stay on track by setting a deadline in your calendar for sending cards to friends and relatives.
  4. Buy plenty of stamps in advance. There’s nothing like needing a stamp to derail your intentions for keeping in touch. Plan ahead by stocking up on a variety of stamps, and for the ultimate convenience, order them online.
  5. E-newsletters – If you have a very large family or are in a bit of a time crunch, send a family e-newsletter updating everyone with your latest news, holiday plans and well wishes.
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