How to Split Holiday Time Between Families

Posted on 12/07/2012

It’s easy enough to spend holidays with the family when there’s one big gathering, but what about when you’re trying to decide between in-laws or divorced parents? Here are a few guidelines to help make those tricky holiday decisions.

  1. Manage expectations early. If you can decide to spend Thanksgiving with one family and Christmas/Hannukah with another family, that can help alleviate stress and avoid potentially hurt feelings in advance. (It also makes travel planning much easier.) Another option (if long-distance travel isn’t an issue) is to spend Christmas Eve with one and Christmas day with another.
  2. Alternate Christmas/Hannukah/Thanksgiving every other year. If you’re choosing between two families who make a big deal out of a particular holiday, just switch off every other year. This year, spend Christmas at one place, and next year, spend it at the other location. Yes, it’s a long-term plan, but it’s certainly fair and gives everyone some face time.
  3. Host a holiday at your house. Yes, that means planning ahead and possibly preparing a large meal or hosting numerous house guests., but hosting one holiday at your house means you and your family won’t have to deal with expensive, out-of-town travel, and you don’t have to choose between families to visit.
  4. Go somewhere completely different. Don’t want to choose between families (or deal with the potential drama) this year? Plan a fun, relaxing getaway somewhere totally different instead—and bring a friend or that special someone. At Travaasa Hana and Travaasa Austin, you’ll have plenty of spa treatments, yoga classes, outdoor adventures and down time to enjoy. You might have thought “relaxing holidays” was an oxymoron, but you’ll soon be thinking otherwise.