Inexpensive Holiday Decor

Inexpensive DIY Holiday Décor

Posted on 11/29/2012

With the endless shopping list, travel expenses, and gift buying, the holidays can add up. The experts at Travaasa are here to answer your #HolidayProblems with some of our favorite inexpensive DIY Holiday décor tips. That way no matter what #HolidayProblems come your way, you’ll be in a festive environment. 

Glitter Pinecones – These glitzy decorations are perfect for filling up a large bowl on a coffee table, or you can turn them into sparkly ornaments by tying a piece of clear fishing line around the tops. Make sure to wash your pinecones beforehand (especially if you found them outside), and let them completely dry. Using a small paintbrush, coat the petals of pinecones with glue, and dust with glitter. Shake off any excess glitter, and let dry. And that’s it!

Origami Ornaments – Reuse colorful paper from junk mail or magazines by turning them into origami tree ornaments. From festive stars to elegant cranes, YouTube has a number of step-by-step instructional videos so you can transform paper waste into a work of art.

Cranberry tea lights – Inexpensive and super easy, this decoration is ideal for adding a splash of color to your credenza or holiday dinner table. Fill a small, decorative bowl or serving tray with fresh cranberries, and nestle white tea lights in the cranberries before lighting. You often can find bags of tea lights at dollar stores or discount stores.