Skincare 101: DIY Facials

Skincare 101: DIY Facials

Posted on 12/17/2013

No time in your hectic holiday schedule to make it to the spa? Our spa experts share tips, tricksĀ and their favorite products for giving yourself a facial at home. Finding a little time to take care of your skin is important, especially during the dry winter months.

For the most benefit from a DIY facial, first you should be relaxed. Run a bath and add Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or a Lavender or Rose Sallow bath oil from Primavera. This will soothe your senses and moisturize your skin, setting the atmosphere for your facial.

Cleanse your face with a hydrating cleanser, rinse then gently exfoliate with your favorite exfoliant using circular upwards motions. After rinsing apply a moisturizing or hydrating mask. We recommend Primavera Antioxidant Mask, but you can also make your own:

  • For dry skin: mix an Avocado with a touch of extra-virgin olive oil and apply to your face. It will provide your skin with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and softening agents.
  • For oily skin with large pores: smooth a beaten egg white all over your face. It will tighten your skin and bring a healthy glow.

While your mask is on, lean back and relax or read a book, taking in the wonderful aromas of your bath. After 15 minutes rinse or wipe off your mask. Once you are out of the bath, apply lotion or oil to your body and a rich moisturizer or Intensive seed oil capsule to your face. You will feel refreshed and look radiant.