Thanksgiving Feast: Beer Pairings

Thanksgiving Dinner: Beer Pairings

Posted on 11/22/2013

As summer passes on by,  beer goes from lighter to darker in color and in strength. During the Thanksgiving season there are several wonderful and flavorful beers that hit the market that go very well with a feast.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale: A delicious brown ale brewed with fresh pumpkin, cinnamon, and brown sugar and weighs in at 7% alcohol.

Sam Adams Octoberfest: Easily available anywhere in the states, this is a very drinkable amber ale made with 4 varieties of malt giving an aroma of sweet caramel and toffee and weighs in at a mere 5.3% alcohol.

Harpoon Imperial Pumpkin Stout: The second beer I would recommend is a little Stronger and darker, this beer is brewed with pumpkin, chocolate, molasses, nutmeg, allspice and ginger.  Save this for your last course and serve a dessert beer as it is a very thick frothy beer weiging in at 10.5% alcohol and is best enjoyed on a chilly fall night.