Kim Grabosky – Farm Manager

Kim Grabosky

Farm Manager, TRAVAASA® Austin

As TRAVAASA® Austin’s Farm Manager, Kim Grabosky brings the passion and skills necessary to cultivate an organic farm from the ground up—literally. Grabosky is has created a highly diversified, 3.25-acre farm capable of supporting outstanding quality produce that is used in the restaurant and in spa treatments at TRAVAASA Austin.

In her new role, Grabosky incorporates permaculture methods for the vegetables, perennial fruits, herbs and edible flowers that the farm has to offer. Additionally, she manages over 100 hens of six different breeds that lay fresh eggs for the kitchen.

“I am very excited to work with our guests,” said Grabosky. “I greatly enjoy sharing my passion for fresh food and demonstrating the joys of being a contributing member in our food system.”

Prior to joining the TRAVAASA Austin team, Grabosky served as farm manager at Johnson’s Backyard Garden Organic Farm, a 200-acre organic vegetable farm just outside of Austin. During her time there, she contributed to the growth of the farm from 50 to 200 acres.

Originally from Upstate New York, Grabosky completed a degree in photojournalism from Rochester Institute of Technology before starting her career in organic agriculture. When photographing Peacework Farm in Newark, New York, as part of a documentary about challenges and solutions for access to fresh foods, she became inspired by all of the intricacies of producing diversified crops and an agrarian lifestyle. It was then that she decided to take a year-long farming internship.

“For me, farming is empowering,” said Grabosky. “I love to work outside, build an appetite, cook meals with really high quality produce, and enjoy the community of people drawn by sharing meals.”