Hands-On Cooking with Chef Ben Baker

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, learning is always something on the menu with Travaasa® Austin’s hands-on culinary classes. Guests can get acquainted with basic knife skills or refine more advanced techniques with instruction from Executive Chef Ben Baker. A sample of the culinary experiences include:

Appetizer 101: A fantastic opportunity to learn different appetizer recipes while incorporating knife skill techniques. This class offers tips to help take the stress out of party prep and makes hosting your next get together fun, easy and impressive!

Fish 101: Welcomes guests into our industrial kitchen to learn different fish cooking techniques and recipes. This class makes the often-intimidating fish preparation a simple process. After the class is complete, participants dine on their catch on the Mesquite Patio.

Once you master the cooking portion, take your gourmand training to the next level with our wine pairing classes. For more information on Travaasa® Austin’s Culinary experiences, visit our cooking demonstration page.

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