Travaasa® Austin Adds New Spa Treatments

The award-winning Spa at Travaasa Austin has just announced two new spa treatments, a signature couples massage and men’s spa package, have been added to its eclectic line of spa and wellness offerings.

Staying in tune with the property’s signature musical massage treatments, the “Double Trouble” couples massage is inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, a Texas icon whose band was called Double Trouble. The treatment is composed of rhythmic movements that are choreographed to Stevie’s blues music. Reflecting the blues influence, the treatment features Blue Cypress, Agave and Sandalwood ingredients, a schematic blues-themed decor and guests receive a distinctive takeaway gift. (Cost $135 per person for a 50-minute session)

The new exclusive men’s “What Ale’s You” spa package features an 80-minute Energetic Edge massage (intensive sports massage therapy for active athletes) followed by a Peppermint Zenergy foot treatment, completed with an refreshing, organic Texas ale of choice.  (Cost is $265, including gratuities with tax additional, for a 2 hour treatment)

A list of all of Travaasa® Austin’s spa offerings can be found at:

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